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  • middenkolom-p1

    Piping and macro-stability tests

    IDS Systems was involved with grand scale tests conducted to further investigate the failure of dikes. The failure of levees can be caused by a variety of mechanisms. The type of mechanism that occurs is in particular de- more >>

  • middenkolom-p2

    Drought test peat dike

    In the West and North of Holland about 3.500 kilometres of dikes are made out of peat. During long periods of drought the total weight of the dike-body declines, the water pressure in the ground will increase causing the- more >>

  • middenkolom-p3

    Monitoring piping during fail test dike Rekerpolder

    In authorization of the Waterboard Hollands Noorderkwartier IDS Systems will use real time monitoring on a dike during a full scale fail test. The dike at the Rekerpolder near the town of Alkmaar in the Northwestern part- more >>

  • middenkolom-p4

    All–in-one tests IJkdijk

    The IDS Systems will be introduced to new tests which will take place in specially build life-sized dikes on the IJkdijk-location in the north-east of Groningen in August and September. It involves the all-in-one sensory- more >>

  • middenkolom-p5

    Live Dike XL

    Live Dike XL IDS Systems bv develops technologies which will make dikes and dams smart. Together with the IJkdijk foundation these technologies will be tested on a large scale: the “Live Dike XL”. The first Live D- more >>

  • middenkolom-p6

    Dam and dike inspection and monitoring Vietnam

    During the spring of 2012 IDS Systems and the Holland-Delta companies started the project for improving dam- and dike safety in Vietnam. This project is currently being conducted in close cooperation with the ministry of- more >>

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