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Service: Dam, dike and levee monitoring

The dikes and dams of the future are strong and intelligent. IDS systems develops technologies and systems to create this future dike. The patented infra-red remote sensing system in combination with the other sensors maps the failure of dikes and dams in advance. Assisted by especially developed software, patterns in the temperature changes are recognised as a consequence of the failure mechanisms of a dam or dike. This new dike-monitoring system is designed to deal with various forms of data in and output. This flexibility means that the system can be used in different overarching flood modelling platforms, such as Lizard, Fuse and several sensor networks.

Advantages of the IDS Systems are:

  • remote sensing and real time visualization and information,
  • non-destructive technique; no weakening of the dike,
  • applicable to existing and new dams or dikes,
  • one system to monitor many kilometres,
  • long life span and maintenance-friendly
  • easy link and integrate with existing sensor-and flood modelling systems.

The IDS Systems is available as a stationary, semi-mobile and mobile system.


IDS Systems
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