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Project: Live Dike XL

Live Dike XL IDS Systems bv develops technologies which will make dikes and dams smart. Together with the IJkdijk foundation these technologies will be tested on a large scale: the “Live Dike XL”.

The first Live Dike XL involves the Noorderzijlvest Water Board. Twenty-two kilometres of sea dike along the Wadden Sea coast will be monitored by IDS Systems together with its consortium partners. The latest assessment in 2010 showed that improvements need to be made to this dike. Until the work is completed, sensors are helping the water board to monitor water safety more effectively in the areas beyond the dike. In addition, the information provided by the sensors will enable the water board to carry out the improvements more effectively and efficiently, and subsequently measure their effects.

The project will start in the fall of 2012; the sea dike will be monitored during the next few years.

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