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Project: Drought test peat dike

In the West and North of Holland about 3.500 kilometres of dikes are made out of peat. During long periods of drought the total weight of the dike-body declines, the water pressure in the ground will increase causing the dike to loose strength. As a cause of this high water pressure the dike can drift and fail.

Over a period of two years a peat dike near Amsterdam will be monitored by the IDS Systems. The installed system works completely autonomous. The system’s power is supplied by solar,- and wind energy. Its data will be send directly to the office in Noordwijk.

The aim is the see whether the IDS System can visualise and follow the effects of drought (drought sensibility) on a peat dike. Additionally, the robustness, reliance and accuracy of the measuring technique will be checked over a long period of time.

IDS Systems
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