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Project: Dam and dike inspection and monitoring Vietnam

During the spring of 2012 IDS Systems and the Holland-Delta companies started the project for improving dam- and dike safety in Vietnam. This project is currently being conducted in close cooperation with the ministry of Water Resources and the ministry of Dike Management Flood and Storm Control (DDMFSC) of MARD under the guidance of Vice Minister Dao Xuan Hoc. Very promising results of the project were reached on the first of March. An interim project report was presented on 20 March to Vice-Minister Hoc.

The staff of the dike ministries (stationed at three locations in Vietnam) will be provided with important technical support and training concerning dike inspection and dike monitoring methods. In the North near Hanoi the Red river dike and in the southern Mekong Delta Province Dong Thap the Sa Rai dike system will be inspected on weaknesses which can create potential failures when high floods occur.

The very important Phu Ninh Dam near Tam Ky, located in central Vietnam, will also be inspected and finally equipped with the IDS monitoring system.

IDS Systems will prepare a plan in the fall of 2012 to follow-up on the current pilot project and continue additional education activities and the application of complementary techniques. The project will result in a technologically advanced and efficient approach for monitoring dike and dam stability for implementation throughout Vietnam by the end of 2012.

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