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Project: All–in-one tests IJkdijk

The IDS Systems will be introduced to new tests which will take place in specially build life-sized dikes on the IJkdijk-location in the north-east of Groningen in August and September. It involves the all-in-one sensory validation-experiment. Alongside the IDS System other sensory systems will be tested.

This experiment is not focussed upon one specific failure-mechanism but on several different mechanisms which can occur simultaneously in a dike, unlike the way macro stability and piping were tested before. These tests revolve around the predictive strength of the IDS Systems: will the system predict the dike succumbing?

Next to InTech Dike Security Systems bv, the following Holland-Delta partners will participate in the tests: Deltares, Landustrie Sneek, Volker Wessel Telecom Infra, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation ITC Twente, Empec services, and Nelen & Schuurmans.

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