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More than half of the country has literally been conquered from the water. This battle against the water continues daily and Holland applies the latest technology in order to keep winning.

InTech Dike Security Systems B.V. (IDS Systems bv) is the leading company for real time inspection and monitoring of dams and dikes.The mission of IDS Systems is to be the world’s leading company in flood forecasting early warnings systems combined with training and education in the field of dam and dike inspections and monitoring.

The distinguished and patented remote sensing system provides timely insight into the failure of dams and dikes. The results enable dam and dike managers as well as governing authorities to perform maintenance and execute improvement projects in a more focused manner. The crisis teams, through this system, ensures the availability of visual and real time information about the dams and dikes strength during extreme and critical situations.

IDS Systems bv was founded in 2009 in the Netherlands by Engineering and Technical Company InTech and is based at the European Space Innovation Centre (ESIC) at Noordwijk (

IDS Systems
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2031 BP Haarlem, The Netherlands